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Jay Noce is a natural leader, mentor, serial entrepreneur and technology enthusiast. Jay founded BravasLive in 2017 with the goal of bringing unprecedented advancement to the world of Global Advertising Technology and Consumer Marketing. BravasLive is now the market leader in delivering Dynamic Asset Solutions and Intelligent Content Production Services. Jay founded avVenta Worldwide, LLC in 2005 and served as its Chief Executive Officer and Chairman and grew it from startup to over 1,000 employees worldwide. He used his experience in delivering internet solutions, interactive marketing outsourcing and enterprise web applications to 70% of the worlds largest Consumer Brands.   And he pioneered a radical new digital production service offering focused on the interactive marketing business. Accenture acquired avVenta and it became the hub that launched Accenture Interactive. Jay served as C level executive and private equity investor for over 12 different firms and is actively involved with various philanthropic ventures. He was a Sr Executive with IBM Global Services, NDC Group, Accenture and Metamor Worldwide, spending most of his time creating and deploying new areas of the companies in Mobile, Marketing Services, Advanced Web and Social Media Technologies and Global Advertising .  Jay holds a BS in Economics from Randolph-Macon College and an MBA from Virginia Tech University and has certifications in a number of areas in leadership, sales, management and mentoring.

Jay Noce interview

From 2012, Inside Business Review reports on top brands' growing need for Interactive Marketing and Digital Media production support.  They visit avVenta Worldwide, the pioneer in delivering an offshore solution in this space, to speak with avVenta Executives Jay Noce, Jeff Saunders and Char Gruhn in avVenta's New York City Headquarters.


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